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Guelph Performance Fitness & Therapy

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Guelph Performance Fitness & Therapy

175 Dawson Rd
Guelph, ON    5199572636

In the city of Guelph, we’re a unique family-owned small business that helps everyone from those looking to be just a little more active up to high-level athletes.

As a gym, we’re fully equipped with weight and cardio machines as well as free weights. We strongly believe in functional exercise, so if you’re not sure what to do with a piece of equipment, we’re happy to help answer your questions!

As a clinic and training centre we can help with healing new or ongoing injuries on the table, or reintroducing you to activity and exercise safely after injury or prolonged periods of inactivity. Our Registered Massage Therapy is also injury focused as most of our RMTs are multi-disciplinary rehab specialists.

Whatever your needs, we can likely help! Book a free informational session with any of our therapists and staff to learn whether we could be a good fit!


Our gym is open for members from 6am to 10pm with keyfob access. Clinic appointments are availble Monday to Friday until 7pm.